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Protect your data with eBackUp

eBackUp is an automated online data backup solution for your most important data. Your files will be transmitted and stored off-site in an encrypted format at an off-site location. If you need to restore data, simply click a button and your data is back in the same format you sent it in.

Why use eBackUp to secure your critical data?

Data is stored off-site, is kept current, and is easily accessible for restore.

Is backing up online more secure than manual, on-site data backup?

The loss of data can be very costly for your business in lost time and revenue. Even if you are currently backing up your data manually, you may be experiencing a false sense of security. Your files are still at risk from the following:

We understand the necessity of backing up your data as well as the risks you take by manually performing those backups. With eBackUp, your files will be transferred online in an encrypted format to an off-site data center to assure quick access in the case of disaster. When you need to restore your data, you can retrieve it to any location at anytime. Opt for the backup system which will stand behind the security of your data!