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Labnet: Features

Simplify and Clarify your Billing with Labnet

Labnet’s powerful billing features add efficiency and boost revenue in your lab.  Case entry, billing and statements are quick and easy with Labnet.  To invoice a case, simply pull it up on the screen and click the invoice button. Statements are run with the click of a button.

Labnet Scheduling Means Complete Control

Useful for labs of any size, Labnet’s management features are vital to labs that emphasize scheduling and sound finances. Labnet seamlessly manages your most important lab issues—organization and access to information. Labnet’s management features provide efficient scheduling, scheduling reports, and business reports. These collectively create a clear picture of work flow, patterns, and revenue. With this picture, your lab has the necessary tools to map a course to a bright future.

Growing is Easy with Access to To-Do items, Sales Goals, and Dentist Profiles

Labnet’s account management features give you the tools to effectively attract and manage new accounts, set goals for your lab, and profile the dentists you serve.

 “What golf course does Dr. Green belong to?” and “When was the last time I called him?” Nearly every contact management feature you need is at your fingertips, enabling you to consistently stay on top of your accounts.

A strong communications blueprint can help your lab consistently deliver a high level of service. Labnet assists with the challenge of attracting and managing new accounts, without compromising the excellent service provided to your current clients.

With Labnet’s Imaging Features, a Picture is Worth Far More Than a Thousand Words

After you use Labnet’s powerful imaging features, you’ll realize that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. In just a few short steps, bright, full-color images can be put on vivid display right before your staffs’ eyes.  Having an image of the patient’s face, smile, or affected teeth can communicate so much more to a technician than words ever could. Technicians can better understand the patient’s unique physiognomy almost instantly with the aid of images.

Detailed Reports and Case Tracking Take the Guesswork out of Your Lab Productivity

Want to track what your technicians are producing in order to set goals and forecast earnings? Labnet productivity features provide you with the tools you need in order to know the exact number of units completed and the revenue generated by your lab—an important step in managing and growing your lab.

Production analysis also allows you to assign a well-thought-out wage for technicians. You no longer have to hand-calculate each technician's pay. Just enter a percentage of the gross, hourly pay rates, or fixed pay amounts per task and let Labnet calculate the amount each technician should be paid.


Download Labnet 9.0

Labnet 9.0 is now available for download to customers with a current Labnet Customer Service Agreement.

Visit the support website to get your copy today.