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Supplynet: Features

Replenishing Inventory

Supplynet offers two structures for replenishing inventory levels.

Min./Max. ordering works off of user defined basic minimum and maximum levels by item. With the press of one button users can view all products that are either at or below their desired minimum levels with suggested order quantities up to the defined maximum level.

With just in time ordering,  users can view a list of products required to be ordered based on sophisticated underlying calculations that will guide the user to optimum order quantities.

Receiving Inventory

Receiving inventory couldn’t be easier. When you receive a shipment, a simple click will mark it “Received.” Supplynet also offers an “Approved” feature that allows you to specify when the purchase order should be released to QuickBooks™. Back orders are auto generated based on received quantities vs. original order quantities after approval.

Managing Inventory

Supplynet makes it easy to track products, back orders and credits from suppliers. Plus, you’ll know exactly how much inventory is on hand and the past prices of products. You can also measure consumption by departments and technician. This information will allow you to forecast orders based on consumption rather than order patterns.

Supplynet’s system for managing your inventory includes:

Managing Credits from Suppliers

Supplynet keeps you on top of every supplier credit that is due to you. If a product must be returned, a credit is easily created for that supplier and the product is removed from inventory. You’ll maintain the credit receipt until the credit invoice is received for verification. A record is automatically created to refer to for confirmation.

Handling Product Requisitions

In-house order forms can be generated customized for specific departments and specific technicians.

Distributing Products

Electronic in-house ordering allows employees to request supplies directly from a computer, products are automatically reduced from inventory.

Bar codes on the in-house order form allow you to scan products out of inventory. Assigning specific information during the distribution process enables you to create real time reports that give you information on:

Purchase Orders

Create an individual Purchase Order to fill a specific need such as implant parts that are assigned to individual cases. Or, take advantage of Supplynet’s “Group Purchasing” feature. “Group Purchasing” assists with the process of ordering from suppliers at regular intervals. Supplynet outlines which suppliers the lab should order from each day and walks you through the supplier’s products, providing on-screen history and forecasts including:

Real-Time Reporting Information

Supplynet’s “Product Activity” report allows users to create reports in a variety of ways by date range on: